-Download, Install And Setup Norton Account

Internet studies and online security research suggests that users collectively lost close to 11 billion dollars because of cybercrime. You can never take a chance when it comes to virus and malware attacks simply because you cannot predict when it is going to happen. Security software, like Norton, helps to ensure your computer is protected against cyber-attacks and online threats. You can visit the webpage to learn more about the feature of the software and how you can install it. You can also contact the Norton customer service number and consult a trained software expert to help you install and setup Norton on your system.

How to download Norton Setup?

You can purchase your Norton security software from the official website, or you can visit the local retail store as well. The steps to download and install Norton depends on how you purchased the software. However, regardless of how you purchased the software, you will need to add the purchased security software to your Norton account before you can use the software. You can refer to the steps given below to complete the Norton Setup process and download your software:

  • Step 1: Go to the webpage and sign in to Norton.
  • Step 2: Open the ‘Get Started’ page and click ‘Enter a New Product Key.’
  • Step 3: Type the norton product key in the space provided and click .
  • Step 4: Enter the norton product key exactly as it appears on the box or sticker.
  • Step 5: Read the software terms and conditions and then press ‘Agree.’
  • Step 6: Go back to the Get Started page and look for ‘Automatic Renewal.’
  • Step 7: Read the terms for renewing subscriptions and click Agree.
  • Step 8: Add the billing and credit card details on the Payment Method page.
  • Step 9: Go through the options and verify your preferred payment method.
  • Step 10: If you want to, you can turn on the ‘Automatic Renewal’ option.
  • Step 11: Press ‘Continue’ on the enrollment confirmation screen.
  • Step 12: Click ‘Agree & Download’ and then follows the steps shown on the screen to Run or Save the Downloader file.

It is important to note that the download steps mentioned above may differ depending on your internet browser. In case you have any trouble while downloading, activating or install norton setup, you can call the customer and get additional help. Once the software installation is complete, your computer will show you the current protection status.

How to activate Norton Automatic Renewal?

Since viruses and malware attacks occur without any warning, you need to ensure that your security software is up and running at all times. The Norton Automatic Renewal option is designed to help users stay protected from online threats by renewing the Norton subscription automatically before it expires. You can refer to the steps below to activate the auto-renewal option for your Norton software:

  • Step 1: Visit page and go to the ‘My Subscription’ tab.
  • Step 2: Click the button to turn on the ‘Automatic Renewal’ switch.
  • Step 3: Carefully go through the terms of Norton Automatic Renewal.
  • Step 4: Press the ‘Agree Continue’ option and go to the payment section.
  • Step 5: Double-check the credit card details and other payment information and then click ‘Enroll in Automatic Renewal.’

After you activate Norton Automatic Renewal, your software will be kept up to date, and your computer stays protected without you having to worry. However, if at any time you want to deactivate the auto-renewal feature, you can simply log in to your Norton account and follow the cancellation steps. Feel free to contact Norton customer support if you need any help or if you have any questions about your security software and your subscription.

Features of Norton Security Software

Malware attacks are dangerous because you can lose valuable data and, in some cases, incur a financial loss as well. Since malicious software tends to evolve over time, you need to make sure you have the best defence against these attacks. Here’s a quick look at some of the features of Norton Antivirus Security Software that will help to defend your system against malware and viruses:

  • Comprehensive real-time threat protection for all your devices.
  • Security against spyware, online attacks and malicious software.
  • Advanced password manager to keep your data safe and secure.
  • Safe browsing thanks to Secure Virtual Private Network (VPN).
  • Security software that is compatible with both Windows and iOS.
  • Valuable insights to identify files that may cause harm to your PC.
  • Smart firewall that will block dangerous website while browsing.
  • Improved civilian intelligence networks to detect online threats.
  • Additional 2GB cloud backup to store valuable data and files.
  • Certain Norton versions also have parental controls for families.
  • Blocks unauthorized access to your webcam and other devices.
  • Added security and privacy protection for stress-free online shopping.
  • Parent control tools to keep children safe while using the internet.
  • Automatic updates to make sure your device is secure at all times

The features mentioned above are available based on which version of Norton you are using. Once you visit the webpage to install your software, you can go through all the features and learn how to use them. In case you need help with any of the software features, you can call the Norton customer care number and for assistance.

Norton Customer Support

In this digital age, online threats are lurking at every corner. If you are struggling to keep track of your security software or if you encounter a technical error, you can contact a customer care representative to resolve the issue. Here’s a look at the benefits of Norton’s customer support service:

  • 24 hours technical assistance for any software issue
  • Step-by-step guide and detailed software solutions
  • Live chat feature to make sure you solve the problem quickly
  • Dedicated team of qualified experts with in-depth knowledge

The next time you are faced with a software error or if you need to complete the norton setup process, you should know that help is just one phone call away. Norton provides quality technical assistance for all users so that your security software continues to defend your device from hackers and malware.