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Have you ever lost any important document due to a virus attack? If the document was really important, the virus attack would have been no less than a heart attack. Isn’t it? As we know that the Internet has completely revolutionized our lives, and we are inclining more towards it with each passing day. But, you must have heard a famous saying that ‘There are always two sides to every story’ and this line perfectly matches with the Internet. Cyber attacks have become very common these days, and the need for a trusted antivirus software is compulsory to avoid these threats. So if you are looking for any security software to protect your computer, you can definitely go for Norton antivirus as it has been regarded as one of the most reliable software available. The software product was developed by Symantec Corporation, which uses signatures and heuristics to find malware and viruses on your device. Not only this, it contains other features such as e-mail spam filtering and phishing protection. To enjoy the benefits of Norton antivirus, you first have to install Norton to get the software on your device and then set it up.