How to Get Rid Of Norton Utilities 16 Setups Pop-Up?

The pop-up notification is used by Norton to make you aware of the scan reports, performance alerts or live updates. You can deal with different varieties of Norton pop-ups while using your system. These pop-ups are sometimes are useful; however, at times, they can be very annoying as you have to wait for minutes before they get disappeared. These setups are the built-in option that enables immediately after you have completed the process of norton install, but you even have the option where you can disable it.

How Can You Get Rid Of Norton Pop-Ups?

There are two methods by following which you can easily solve the issue of unwanted pop-up appearing in your system:

Method 1:

  • First, turn on your computer and go to
  • On the search bar, enter Norton Antivirus and then tap enter. The Norton software will open on your screen.
  • Now you need to tap on the Settings option and then go to General.
  • Now click on the Norton Tasks > Next.
  • Here you will see ‘Turn off’ button alongside ‘Norton Task Notification,’ you have to turn i8t off by clicking on the button.
  • Then go to ‘Other Settings’ > Next > Turn off the button.
  • Now you have to click on ‘Performance Alerting and then disable it.
  • Go to Network > Next > Intrusion Prevention > Notification > disable.
  • Now click on the option of ‘Apply Settings’ to disable the pop-up notifications completely.
  • Close the Norton window once you are done.

Method 2:

You can even disable the pop-ups by using Norton Task Notifications, which will help you in showing and hiding the pop-ups. By default, this option is always enabled whenever you install Norton on your system. That is why you must disable it if you do not want these pop-ups to distract you.

  • Go to the Norton product after opening the software.
  • Then click on Settings > Administrative Settings> Norton Task Notification.
  • Here it would be best if you unchecked the box that is available next to Norton Task Notification.

Once you have successfully installed Norton from the website, you can be sure that you have installed the correct version of the software. However, these notification pop-up are by-default enabled in your system, and if you don’t want to see these notifications, then you can disable it. If you are finding it difficult to do it, then take the assistance of the customer care team.